Wedico Products
In 1975 intensive market research resulted in the fascinating idea of Truck Modelling and we now distribute these superb Model Trucks worldwide under the registered trademark WEDICO. As WEDICO was already used to working with the NE metals, it was natural progression for the new models to be made from metal also. The same material choice was also selected for the construction models we produced from 2004 onwards. The materials we use to construct our models are die-cast Aluminium, Aluminium sheets, Stainless Steel and high impact plastic components. The WEDICO designers worked tirelessly to develop the WEDICO system of construction that will continue as a basis for all future new and advanced developments as well as for the WEDICO Complete Kit programme. All of our Truck Models are 1:16 scale.

Auxiliary Transmission 4:1 WEDICO
Price: $146.38
Buhler Motor 12V
Price: $64.6
Dual Motor Combiner
Price: $69.79
Hex Drive Shaft
Price: $9.21
Inner Drive shaft METAL UPGRADE
Price: $34.3
Leaf Spring Set Authentic
Price: $26.94
Leaf Spring Set Standard
Price: $16.94
Long Travel Rear Suspension
Price: $163.4
Rear Drive Axle STANDARD 2:1
Price: $119
Steering Axle Kit STD.
Price: $68.19
Steering Axle PRO
Price: $104.3
U Joint Set (Cardan Ball)
Price: $14.7
U Joint Set (COE's)
Price: $53.8
U Joint Set (D to D)
Price: $58.8
U Joint Set (T to D)
Price: $48.68
Price: $6.95
Aluminum Drag Link Adapter
Price: $3.84
Aluminum Dump Bed Insert
Price: $75
Curved Tip Exhaust Stacks wedico
Price: $14.65
Bull Pipes
Price: $23.25
Century Dash
Price: $18.25
Conventional Dash Overlay
Price: $18.25
Conventional Dash upgrade
Price: $36.07
Dual Exhaust System
Price: $48.36
Exhaust Cooling Intake System
Price: $94.32
Fuel Tank Filler Cap
Price: $4.93
Mud Flap Hangers WEDICO
Price: $12.2
Mud Flaps
Price: $7.96
Peterbilt Dash
Price: $18.25
Peterbilt Style Bumper 5 Lite WEDICO
Price: $39.81
Peterbilt Style Bumper BLANK WEDICO
Price: $29.7
Texas Square 16 Light Peterbilt WEDICO
Price: $77.8
Texas Square Blank COE, WEDICO
Price: $38.81
Texas Square Blank Conventional, WEDICO
Price: $38.81
Texas Square BLANK Peterbilt WEDICO
Price: $41.2
Trucker Lady
Price: $4.9
Under sleeper 8 lite WEDICO Peterbilt 12volt
Air Ride For Trailers
Price: $149
Inner Fluid Tank kit
Price: $59.18
Simulated Air Bags (Pair)
Price: $28.4
Walking spring Suspension WEDICO
Price: $47.35
Wedico Oval Tanker
Price: $442.17
Wedico Round Tankers
Price: $458.19
Dump Trailer Kit WEDICO
Price: $551.32
Two Axle Dolly
Price: $314.8
Van Trailer Tandem Axle
Price: $995.00
Van Trailer Tri-Axle
Price: $QUOTE
Wedico Drop Deck Trailer Yellow
Price: $580
Wedico Goose-Neck Dolly
Price: $249.24
Wedico Low-Loader
Price: $596.26
2 Axle Crane Body
Price: $544.37
Peterbilt Trucks Tri Axle Crane Body
Price: $0000000
40mm Rims
Price: $11.39
Aluminum Axle Tube WEDICO
Price: $4.84
Aluminum Rim Set
Price: $124.46
Axle Set
Price: $173.16
Five Row Tires
Price: $18.9
Four Row Tires
Price: $17.97
Rim Set for Wide Front Tires
Price: $15.12
Rim Set for Wide Front Trailer Tires
Price: $154.17
Rim Set Standard
Price: $113.22
Rims for Drop Deck Trailer
Price: $10.77
Rms for Wedico Drop Deck Trailer
Price: $7.86
Tamiya Wheel Adapter For WEDICO Axles
Price: $49
Trailer Rims
Price: $199.23
WEDICO Rim Adapter For Tamiya Tires
Price: $74.2
Wide Tires
Price: $29.92