Universal Products
Parts and accessories for WEDICO and Tamiya trucks.

Air Cleaners Tamiya
Price: $60.00
Air Cleaner Lights Tamiya
Price: $39.50
Air Horns And Roof Lights
Price: $22.10
CB Antenna
Price: $8.43
White CB Antenna
Price: $8.43
Black CB Antenna
Price: $8.43
Lighted CB antenna Black
Price: $12.85
Lighted CB Antenna White
Price: $12.85
Air Horns
Price: $22.10
Windshield Wipers
Price: $3.90
Hood Hold Down
Price: $10.87
Ken Worth Side Emblems (Pair)
Price: $6.58
Ken Worth Front Emblem (Each)
Price: $7.69
Peterbilt Emblem (Each)
Price: $7.69
Freightliner Emblem (Each)
Price: $7.69
Peterbilt Emblem Chrome Dual Point Trim
Price: $5.95
Peterbilt Emblem Chrome Tornado Trim
Price: $5.95
Peterbilt Emblem Chrome 3 Scallop Trim
Price: $5.95
Peterbilt Emblem Chrome Comet Trim
Price: $5.95
Peterbilt Emblem Chrome Flame Trim
Price: $5.95
Peterbilt Emblem 3 Wing Trim
Price: $5.95
Peterbilt Emblem Chrome 3 Wing Trim
Price: $5.95
Peterbilt Emblem Trim
Price: $17.90
Texas Bull Horns Hood Ornament
Price: $18.79
Eagle Hood Ornament
Price: $12.00
Swan Hood Ornament
Price: $12.00
Flying Pig Hood Ornament
Price: $12.00
Guide Lights
Price: $13.65
Fender Blinker Lights
Price: $17.98
Square Headlights
Price: $48.32
Square Headlight Trim Rings
Price: $18.50
Chrome Plastic Headlight Surface Mt.
Price: $14.38
Chrome Plastic Headlights
Price: $48.61
HeadLights, Single Round
Price: $43.64
Free Standing Work Lights
Price: $18.49
Knight Hauler Under Body Lights
Price: $71.80
King Hauler/Grand Hauler Under Step Lights
Price: $24.40
King Hauler/Grand Hauler Under Sleeper Lights
Price: $35.95
Under Cab Lights King/Grand Hauler
Price: $34.25
Polished Fuel Tanks (Pair)
Price: $68.93
Fuel Filler Cap
Price: $4.26
Fuel Tank Straps (Pair)
Price: $11.25
Fuel Tanks Grand Hauler
Price: $88.76
Grid Plate
Price: $9.67
Aluminum Fifth Wheel
Price: $96.37
Rear Frame Cover, Tamiya
Price: $2.55
Chain Rack with Legs
Price: $98.40
Chain Rack With Legs And Tail Lights
Price: $99.75
Chain Rack with Ladders
Price: $128.52
Chain Rack with Ladders With Lights
Price: $138.58
Long Grab Rail (Pair)
Price: $7.85
Fire Extinguisher
Price: $5.80
Stop Block
Price: $12.92
Air Tanks
Price: $36.33
King Hauler Aluminum Step Replacements
Price: $59.80
King Hauler Step Mount Upgrade
Price: $17.53
License Plate Panel Blank
Price: $10.90
License Plate Panel, With 3 Red Leds
Price: $16.20
US Style Center Tail Light Panel, With 3 Red Leds
Price: $38.74
US Style Center Tail Light Panel, With 3 Red Leds And D Ring
Price: $41.25
US Style Center Tail Light Panel, With 3 Red Leds And Pintal Hitch
Price: $59.33
US Style Center Tail Light Panel, With 3 Red Leds, D Ring And Pintal Hitch
Price: $61.64
Pintle Hook
Price: $43.63
Price: $18.10
Draw Bar Metal
Price: $28.45
Exhaust Cooling Intake System
Price: $94.32
King Hauler Exhaust Stacks 5 inch
Price: $9.50
King Hauler Exhaust Stacks 8 inch
Price: $19.95
King Hauler Exhaust Stacks Bull
Price: $23.95
King Hauler Exhaust Stacks 4 inch
Price: $8.50
Tool Box Aluminum
Price: $34.70
Tool Box Plastic
Price: $17.30
Small Bull Bar
Price: $19.44
Bucket Seats
Price: $22.12
Price: $25.62
Dully Fenders, Raw Aluminum
Price: $38.84
Dully Fenders, Polished Aluminum
Price: $47.31
Tri Axle Fender
Price: $48.39
Half Fenders, Raw Aluminum
Price: $24.45
Half Fenders, Polished Aluminum
Price: $28.58
Short Dully Fenders
Price: $23.20
Tall Dully Fenders
Price: $23.20
Dully Fenders
Price: $23.20
Double Hump Fenders
Price: $31.90
Mounts for Fenders
Price: $12.95
Pin And Strap Mounts For Fenders
Price: $9.26
Pin Mounts For Fenders
Price: $6.68
Fender Mounts Plate type
Price: $8.71
Texas Square Bumpers
Price: $77.95
Peterbilt Style Bumper
Price: $36.91
Peterbilt Style Bumper Five Light
Price: $39.81
Single Mars Light
Price: $47.28
Twin Mars Lights
Price: $62.74
Roof Warning Lights
Price: $5.45
Light Bar With PC Board
Price: $128.55
Emergency Light Bars
Price: $48.40
Clear 3V Light Bulbs
Price: $9.82
Clear 5V Light Bulbs
Price: $9.87
2mm Clear LED 3 volt
Price: $10.71
2mm Red LED
Price: $8.36
2mm Yellow LED
Price: $8.36
3mm Red or Yellow LEDs
Price: $12.40
5mm Red LED 3volt
Price: $8.70
5mm Yellow LED 3volt
Price: $8.70
One Square White (90 Degrees)
Price: $3.00
One Square White (Straight)
Price: $3.00
Tail Brake Light Combo LED
Price: $5.15
Flat Round Lens
Price: $1.82
Dome Tail Light Lens
Price: $1.82
Bullet Clearance Light Lens
Price: $1.05
Round Headlight Lens
Price: $1.72
Square Tail Light Lens
Price: $1.82
Chain Binder, Lever Type
Price: $10.25
Aged Log Chain
Price: $8.65
Chrome Log Chain
Price: $9.81
J Hooks
Price: $7.95
Grab Hooks
Price: $13.65
Cast Metal D-Rings
Price: $4.95
Ratchet Binder
Price: $24.10
Chain Binder, Screw Type
Price: $10.85
Slide Hooks
Price: $13.65
Wood Pallet
Price: $53.62
Checker Plate
Price: $46.41
Batteries 12 volt
Price: $27.91
Batteries 12 Volt Flat
Price: $29.34
Batteries 7.2 volt
Price: $26.82
7.2 and 12V Charger
Price: $29.00
Extruded Frame Rails
Price: $38.28
Frame Extensions
Price: $42.00
Simulated Air Bags (Pair)
Price: $28.40
Walking Spring Suspension Live axles, TAMIYA
Price: $149.95
Baby Moon Cap (Pair)
Price: $14.80
King Pin for Tamiya
Price: $3.50
Hex Hub for Tamiya (Pair)
Price: $5.00
Two Piece Drive Shaft
Price: $49.71
Dual Motor Combiner Tamiya
Price: $79.79
Auxiliary 4:1 Reduction Transmission
Price: $146.37
Auxiliary 4:1 add-on Reduction Transmission
Price: $119.58
Drive Shaft
Price: $9.46
Inner Drive Shaft
Price: $0.00
LRP Truck Puller Motor
Price: $49.95
Universal Leaf Springs Standard
Price: $16.94
Universal Leaf Springs Authentic
Price: $26.94
White CAT Mud Flaps
Price: $6.94
Peterbilt Mud Flaps
Price: $6.94
Black Peterbilt Mud Flaps
Price: $0.00
Blank Mud Flaps
Price: $3.00
Black Rubber Sheet
Price: $7.85
Trucker Lady
Price: $4.90
Mud Flap Hangers
Price: $12.85
Rear Rims Chrome Plastic (Pair)
Price: $9.93
Off Road Tires (Pair)
Price: $28.91
Front Rims Chrome Plastic (Pair)
Price: $10.94
Tamiya OEM Tires (Pair)
Price: $11.50
Air Ride Live Axle Assembly For Tamiya
Price: $96.80
Tamiya 1:14.5 Drop Deck Trailer Yellow
Price: $670.00
Tamiya 2 Axle Dolly
Price: $359.30
Tamiya Drop Deck
Price: $0.00
300 Ton Trailer
Price: $4400.00
Dump Conversion Kit for King Hauler
Price: $823.25
WEDICO Hydraulic Remote Tank
Price: $74.80
WEDICO Hydraulic System
Price: $345.00
Double Nipple Thru Wall Bulkhead
Price: $8.60
End Cap with O-ring for Leimbach Pump Rezivor
Price: $8.53
Hydraulic Cylinders
Price: $82.20
Hydraulic Oil
Price: $12.58
Hydraulic Pump
Price: $358.00
Hydraulic Tubing
Price: $1.79
Hydraulic Valves
Price: $101.00
M3 Fittings
Price: $5.97
Price: $1.06
Price: $5.75
Price: $7.95
M2 Fasteners
Price: $5.02
M3 Fasteners
Price: $2.00
Air Cleaner Lights WEDICO
Price: $39.50
Air Cleaners Small (Pair)
Price: $36.47
Air Cleaners WEDICO
Price: $60.00
Checker Plate Rear Frame Cover WEDICO
Price: $4.85
Four Chamber Tail Lights
Price: $36.71
Super Singles Set
Price: $77.30
Light Duty Super Single Rims (Pair)
Price: $51.20
Loader Wheels
Price: $332.12
Tamiya Super Singles Set
Price: $18.36
Super Single Rims (Pair)
Price: $20.93
Super Single Tires (Pair)
Price: $28.45
Heavy Duty Winch
Price: $34.70
75MHz Antenna
Price: $15.00
Aluminum Fuel Tanks
Price: $0.00
Chrome Metal Square Headlights
Price: $48.32
Long Grab Rail
Price: $7.10
M4 Fasteners
Price: $2.00
M5 Fasteners
Price: $2.00
LEDs 3mm Red or Yeloow
Price: $12.40
3mm Blue LED 3volt
Price: $18.10
Fender Blinker
Price: $18.62
White CAT Mud Flaps
Price: $6.94
Auxillary 4:1 Reduction Transmission
Price: $147.39
Lift Axle
Price: $0.00
Dual Tire, One Piece Aluminum Rims
Price: $59.00
Plastic Rims
Price: $42.12
Drop Deck Trailer Tires
Price: $13.66
32mm Tires
Price: $12.00