Tamiya Products
When it comes right down to it, Tamiya's main goal is to offer the world the most rewarding modeling experience possible. Grasping the various parts, assembling, and finally painting a finely crafted model is truly a special and rare experience in today's modern world. Tamiya feels that this hands-on experience is invaluable. So whether it's our careful attention to quality, or our commitment to ease-of-assembly, we are always striving to create truly fulfilling ways to spend one's time.

Aluminum Tailer Axle Tamiya
Price: $55.20
Air Ride Axle Assembly For Tamiya
Price: $183.56
Pro Spring Axle Assembly For Tamiya
Price: $140.50
Standard Spring, Axle Assembly For Tamiya
Price: $140.46
Dump Body Lift System
Price: $
Tamiya 1:14.5 Drop Deck Trailer Yellow
Price: $670.00
Tamiya 2 Axle Dolly
Price: $359.30
Tamiya Drop Deck
Price: $555.60
Tamiya Trailer Bumper
Price: $out of stock
Walking Spring Suspension Live axles, TAMIYA
Price: $149.95
Dully Fenders
Price: $23.20
Fender Mounts Plate type
Price: $8.71
KING HAULER Aluminum Step Replacements
Price: $59.80
King Hauler Exhaust Stacks
Price: $19.95
KING HAULER Under Sleeper Lights
Price: $35.95
King Hauler Under Step Lights
Price: $24.40
Dump Conversion Kit for King Hauler
Price: $823.25
Extruded Frame Rails
Price: $36.28
Frame Extensions
Price: $42.00
Peterbilt Mud Flaps
Price: $6.94
Black Peterbilt Mud Flaps
Price: $6.94
White CAT Mud Flaps
Price: $6.94
Black Rubber Sheet
Price: $7.85
Trucker Lady
Price: $4.90
Mud Flap Hangers
Price: $12.20
Tail Light T-Bar (Round)
Price: $46.00
Tail Light T bar Sq
Price: $46.00
Texas Square Bumpers
Price: $38.81
Price: $25.62
Dully Fenders, metal
Price: $37.00
Tri Axle Fender
Price: $40.10
Half Fenders
Price: $17.90
Double Hump Fenders
Price: $31.90
Mounts for Fenders
Price: $12.95
White CAT Mud Flaps
Price: $6.94
LRP Truck Puller 2 Motors
Price: $49.95
Dual Motor Combiner TAMIYA
Price: $79.79
Auxillary 4:1 Reduction Transmission
Price: $146.38
Auxilliary 4:1 ad-on Reduction Transmission
Price: $119.58
Drive Shaft
Price: $28.50
Inner Drive Shaft
Price: $34.30
Two Piece Drive Shaft
Price: $49.71
King Pin for Tamiya
Price: $3.50
Hex Hub for Tamiya
Price: $5.00
Knight Hauler Under Body Lights
Price: $71.80
Peterbilt Style Bumper
Price: $29.91
Pin And Strap Mounts For Fenders
Price: $9.26
Pin Mounts For Fenders
Price: $6.68
Short Dully Fenders
Price: $23.20
Single Hump Fenders
Price: $16.62
Tall Dully Fenders
Price: $23.20
Aluminum Trailer Rims
Price: $59.20
Rear Rims Chrome Plastic
Price: $9.93
Off Road Tires
Price: $27.91
Front Rims Chrome Plastic
Price: $10.94
Price: $11.50
Baby Moon Cap
Price: $14.80
Heavy Duty SS
Price: $77.90
Super Singles Set
Price: $77.30
Light Duty SS Rims
Price: $51.20
SS Rim Heavy Duty Al.
Price: $52.86
Aluminum Rims, HEX MOUNT
Price: $59.20
Tamiya Super Singles Set
Price: $18.36
Super Single Rims
Price: $20.93
Super Single Tires
Price: $23.45