Universal Trucks Product List

Air Cleaners Tamiya
Price: $60
Air Cleaner Lights Tamiya
Price: $39.50
Knight Hauler Under Body Lights
Price: $71.8
King Hauler Under Step Lights
Price: $24.4
King Hauler/Grand Hauler Under Sleeper Lights
Price: $35.95
King Hauler Step Mount Upgrade
Price: $17.53
King Hauler Aluminum Step Replacements
Price: $59.8
King Hauler Exhaust Stacks 5 inch
Price: $9.5
King Hauler Exhaust Stacks 8 inch
Price: $19.95
King Hauler Exhaust Stacks Bull
Price: $23.95
King Hauler Exhaust Stacks 4 inch
Price: $8.5
Price: $25.62
Dully Fenders, Raw Aluminum
Price: $42.84
Dully Fenders, Polished Aluminum
Price: $46.65
Tri Axle Fender
Price: $54.37
Half Fenders, Raw Aluminum
Price: $26.45
Half Fenders, Polished Aluminum
Price: $32.56
Short Dully Fenders
Price: $23.2
Tall Dully Fenders
Price: $23.2
Dully Fenders
Price: $23.2
Double Hump Fenders
Price: $31.9
Mounts for Fenders
Price: $12.95
Pin And Strap Mounts For Fenders
Price: $9.26
Pin Mounts For Fenders
Price: $6.68
Fender Mounts Plate type
Price: $8.71
Texas Square Bumpers
Price: $77.95
Peterbilt Style Bumper
Price: $36.91
Peterbilt Style Bumper Five Light
Price: $39.81
Extruded Frame Rails
Frame Extensions
Price: $33.03
Baby Moon Cap (Pair)
Price: $14.8
King Pin for Tamiya
Price: $3.5
Hex Hub for Tamiya (Pair)
Price: $5
Two Piece Drive Shaft
Price: $49.71
Dual Motor Combiner Tamiya
Price: $00
Auxiliary 4:1 Reduction Transmission
Auxiliary 4:1 add-on Reduction Transmission
Price: $119.58
Drive Shaft
Price: $9.46
Inner Drive Shaft
Price: $0
LRP Truck Puller Motor
Price: $49.95
White CAT Mud Flaps
Price: $6.94
Peterbilt Mud Flaps
Price: $6.94
Black Peterbilt Mud Flaps
Price: $0
Blank Mud Flaps
Price: $3
Black Rubber Sheet
Price: $7.85
Trucker Lady
Price: $4.90
Mud Flap Hangers
Price: $12.85
Dump Conversion Kit for King Hauler
Price: $823.25
White CAT Mud Flaps
Price: $6.94
Auxillary 4:1 Reduction Transmission
Price: $147.39
Lift Axle
Price: $0