Tamiya Wheels And Tires Product List

SS Rim Heavy Duty Al.
Price: $out of stock
Aluminum Trailer Rims
Price: $out of stock
Baby Moon Cap
Price: $14.80
Super Single Rims
Price: $20.93
Rear Rims Chrome Plastic
Price: $9.93
Off Road Tires
Price: $27.91
Front Rims Chrome Plastic
Price: $10.94
Price: $11.50
Heavy Duty SS
Price: $out of stock
Super Singles Set
Price: $77.30
Light Duty SS Rims
Price: $51.20
Tamiya Super Singles Set
Price: $18.36
Aluminum Rims, HEX MOUNT
Price: $59.20
Super Single Tires
Price: $23.45