Peterbilt Trucks Super Dumper Kit
Peterbilt Super Dumper Kit. This is a custom assembled truck that you can purchase the kit to assemble yourself. The features of this truck are; all the electrical, hydraulic, battery and radio gear are hidden in the dump box under a false aluminum floor insert. It only hauls half a load but there is nothing in the cab to interfer with scale model detail. The sound system and speed control are hidden in one fuel tank. The hydraulic oil for the 4 stages cylinder of the dump system is in the other tank just like a "real" truck. The drive line of this truck consists of; Two 12V electric motors, a 3 speed metal transmission and auxillary transmission of 4:1 reduction and two metal differentials of 2:1 reduction. The wheels are individually machined with lug bolts holding them to the hubs. The complete lighting system and engine sound with air horns make this a "real" truck in minature. This kit is for the advanced modeler and requires intense wiring and mechanical assembly.

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Peterbilt Super Dumper Kit