Scania Cab Kit Topline
The tilting cab is made from aluminum die cast parts, aluminum sheet along with high-impact plastic components. Powder coat finish on all metal parts, colors as indicated. The cab kit includes; opening doors, steering wheel, dash board, outside mirrors, windscreen wipers, bucket seats, inside door panels, low beams, high beams, fog lamps, sun visor, roof lights and indicators. For easier access to the electrical system and battery, the roof and rear panel are removable. Accessories available: roof- and side spoilers, side guards, square tank, electrical system "MF" ,speed controller- diesel sound combination, all wheel 3- speed gearbox from metal, locking differential for front- and rear axle reduction ratio 2:1 and 3:1, fenders for rear axles, aluminum rims, roof frame chromed with 4 lamps for Highline and Topline

Item No.
Scania Cab Kit Topline White
Scania Cab Kit Topline Yellow
Scania Cab Kit Topline Red
Scania Cab Kit Topline Blue

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